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Clouds in Your Eyes
(7,932) // (NC-17)
Bob Bryar/Ray Toro
“Man, Bob’s going to tree-sit.”
The guys aren't mine, it never happened.
For [ profile] bandomficathon and for [ profile] anne_elliot, who sponsored me and asked for a surprise!fic. Here it is, dear ♥ Ilysm. Endless ♥ to [ profile] atomichatred82, [ profile] soloproject, and [ profile] veecious, who cheerleaded the shit out of me, and to [ profile] ky_betty who answered my SOS signals and did the beta duties.

Under Ray’s – maybe fascinated, or maybe just surprised – gaze, the corners of Bob’s mouth curl up. “Hi,” he says, raising a hand. It doesn’t fit in the display, not fully, and Ray’s imagination helps him, suggesting that it’s big and calloused in the right spots. Perhaps it’s warm, too. )
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(3,115) // (Pg-13. Angst. Zombie apocalypse)
Bob Bryar/Ray Toro
“Hey, stranger.” Ray’s tone is quiet, even if his heartbeat is steadily increasing. His finger hasn’t moved from the trigger. “You’re back.”
The guys aren't mine, it never happened.
For the Spookathon @ Insane Journal, prompt Bob/Ray, Zombie [here] + #09 Supernatural creatures @ [ profile] wtf27. Betalove to [ profile] un_related, ♥ to [ profile] anne_elliot and [ profile] veecious for the constant cheerleading.

When Ray hears the knock, he almost jumps up from the chair )
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Insanity's Crescendo
(2.000) // (Pg-13. Angst. The Black Parade AU.)
Bob Bryar/Frank Iero
'Francesco (che gli amici chiamano Frank in sua presenza e Il Corto quando invece non è nei paraggi) viene reclutato nel modo più semplice, più diretto possibile: tramite un annuncio apparso in bacheca, quella appesa vicino alla segreteria.'
Scritto per il MadTea Party @ [ profile] fanfic_italia (qui) + #96 Scelta libera 'AU' @ [ profile] fanfic100_ita. Prompt 'suggestione, 'la verità è là fuori' per [ profile] nejem. Il titolo è stato rubato ai Dark Tranquillity. ♥ a [ profile] tina_nocturne & [ profile] veecious per la pazienza, ♥ alla seconda a [ profile] veecious per la betatura lampo.

Cercasi comparse per video musicale. )
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(1.763) // (Pg-13. Angst.)
Bob Bryar/Ray Toro
'As disappointing as it may sound, old buildings just don’t get animated overnight by a couple of random ghosts.'
Not mine. Not at all. No, no.
For the fic exchange @ [ profile] mcr4u. Prompt 'Paramour-fic, focused on Bob or Ray. Bonus points for supernatural elements.' for [ profile] atomichatred82. Betalove to [ profile] sorrowful_eagle + [ profile] reanimated.

In California, USA, Real World, dead people remain dead. )
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Dirty Talk
(474) // (Light R. Crack.)
Bob Bryar/Gerard Way
Bob sighs. Next time he wakes up hard, he’s going to keep quiet about it and jack off by himself.
For The Bandom Talks Dirty Challenge @ [ profile] brandixcyanide [here] + #011 - Language @ [ profile] fanfic50
Not mine. Not at all. No, no.
Betalove to [ profile] sorrowful_eagle

Listen, I don’t think it’s a good idea. )
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Nicotine [1/2]
(495) // (Pg-13.)
Bob Bryar/Bert McCracken
"You’re like that Charlie kid, and the golden ticket to enter the fucking Chocolate Factory is in your hand. Don’t throw it away, you know how the book ends."
For the UST Challenge @ [ profile] stereomer [here] + #008 - I can't make you mine @ [ profile] fanfic50
Not mine. Not at all. No, no.
Betalove to [ profile] sorrowful_eagle

They've often shared smokes )


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