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Hello! This is the writing journal of [personal profile] nahemaraxe, all her fics are stored here. Feel free to check on them, read, and drop a comment if you're so inclined.

Bandom ;; MCR ;;

♠ Standalones

♠ Canada ;; Bob Bryar/Frank Iero ;; [PG-13]
♠ Mist and Midnight Skies ;; Bob Bryar/Frank Iero ;; [PG-13]
♠ Embers ;; Bob Bryar/Ray Toro ;; [PG-13]
♠ Stickers and Candy ;; Bob Bryar/Frank Iero ;; [PG-13]
♠ Lost and Found ;; Bob Bryar/Ray Toro ;; [PG-13, crack]
♠ Dirty Talk ;; Bob Bryar/Gerard Way ;; [R, crack]
♠ Privacy (Or Lack Thereof) ;; Bob Bryar/Ray Toro ;; [PG-13]
♠ Mockingbirds ;; Bob Bryar/Ray Toro ;; [PG-13]
♠ Monochrome ;; Bob Bryar/Ray Toro ;; [PG-13]
♠ Pocket-size Dreams ;; Bob Bryar/Frank Iero ;; [PG-13]
♠ Thesis. Antithesis. Synthesis. ;; Bob Bryar/Brian Schechter ;; [NC-17]
♠ Doll Parts ;; Bob Bryar/Ray Toro (unrequited), Ray Toro/Brian Schechter ;; [R]
♠ 7th Avenue Station ;; Bob Bryar/Ray Toro ;; [PG]
♠ Suspended Animation ;; Bob Bryar/Frank Iero ;; [R]

Homeless Series (four standalones connected by a leading theme)

♠ Clouds in Your Eyes ;; Bob Bryar/Ray Toro ;; [NC-17] - Inst. #1

♦ Chaptered Fics - on hiatus

♦ Ghosts in the Fog ;; Bob Bryar/Frank Iero ;; [W.I.P - PG-13 overall]

[1/6] - Beginnings ;; [2/6] - Fall ;; [3/6] - Phobia

♦ Solar Eclipse ;; Bob Bryar/Ray Toro ;; [W.I.P - R overall]

[1/?] - Nervous

♦ Nicotine ;; Bob Bryar/Bert McCracken, Bob Bryar/Ray Toro ;; [W.I.P - PG13 overall]

[1/2] - I can't make you mine

♣ Drabbles

♣ Loose Laces ;; Bob Bryar/Gerard Way ;; [PG, crack]
♣ Extreme Times, Extreme Measures ;; Bob Bryar/Gerard Way ;; [PG-13, crack]

♥ Italian Versions

♥ All Ray Really Wanted Was a Piranha ;; Bob Bryar/Ray Toro ;; [R]
♥ Loose Laces ;; Bob Bryar/Gerard Way ;; [PG, crack, drabble]
♥ Disattenzione ;; Bob Bryar/Mikey Way ;; [PG, crack]
♥ Extreme Times, Extreme Measures ;; Bob Bryar/Gerard Way ;; [PG, crack, drabble]
♥ Mein Teil ;; Bob Bryar/Ray Toro ;; [PG-13, crack, drabble]
♥ Insanity's Crescendo ;; Bob Bryar/Frank Iero ;; [PG-13]
♥ La Forma dell'Acqua ;; Bob Bryar/Frank Iero/Jamia Nestor ;; [PG-13]
♥ Haute-Garonne ;; Bob Bryar/Ray Toro ;; [PG-13]
♥ Ciliege a Gennaio ;; Bob Bryar/Ray Toro ;; [PG-13]


♠ Challenges

♠ the way you hold a cigarette* 'cause you don't know what to do with your hands when we are sitting this close** [info @ [ profile] pettymoth ;; no deadline]
MCR, Bob Bryar/Ray Toro, 'Paramour, Supernatural elements' [[ profile] mcr4u ;; deadline 07.01.08]
MCR, Bob Bryar/Frank Iero, 'Suggestione, La verità è là fuori' [[ profile] fanfic_italia ;; deadline 07.11.08]
MCR, Bob/Ray, 'Zombie' [Spookathon/InsaneJournal ;; deadline 10.20.08]
♠ MCR, Bob Bryar/Gerard Way, 'The Black Parade' [[ profile] write_the_songs ;; no deadline]
MCR, Bob Bryar/Ray Toro, Tree-sittiing [[ profile] bandomficathon ;; deadline 02.13.09]
♠ MCR, Bob Bryar/Ray Toro, 'New Record' [Sweet Charity ;; deadline 07.01.09]


♠] [ profile] slashfic25
♠] Bob Bryar/Frank Iero

1 Strangers 2 Curve 3 Accident 4 Through 5 School
6 Fall 7 Below 8 Beginnings 9 Inherit 10 Snow
11 Jealous 12 Writer's Choice 13 Letters 14 Canada 15 Forget
16 Enough 17 Map 18 Phobia 19 Rough 20 Smell
21 Epiphany 22 Secrets 23 Challenge 24 Kitchen 25 Writer's Choice

♠] [ profile] fanfic50 / #8
♠] Bob Bryar

001.Angel 002.Reason 003.Prank 004.Caught 005.Anxiety
006.Rock 007.Hire 008.I can’t make you mine 009.Race 010.Heartbreaker
011.Language 012.Wait 013.Tongue-Tied 014.Crystal Clear 015.Fraud
016.Search 017.Apart 018.Personality 019.Orange 020.Crawl
021.Alternate Reality 022.Downstairs 023.Pop 024.Cliché 025.Memory
026.Bed 027.Needle In A Haystack 028.Shave 029.Whatever 030.Guardian
031.Infidelity 032.Fiction 033.A New World 034.Accuracy 035.Fallen
036.Original 037.Abstract 038.Imperfection 039.Let’s Go 040.Left Behind
041.Potential 042.Demon 043.Jump 044.Punish 045.Over
046.Deception 047.Thunder 048.Welcome 049.Stop 050.Writers' Choice

♠] [ profile] 25fluffyfics
♠] Bob Bryar

1.Picnic 2.Hobbies 3.Sport 4.Dancing 5.Holiday
6.Candles 7.Breakfast 8.Dinner 9.Blankets 10.Bath
11.Massage 12.Hurt 13.Nightmare 14.Home 15.Birthday
16.Puppy/kitten 17.Jealousy 18.Gift 19.Flowers 20.Protection
21.Sunset 22.Parting 23.Reunion 24.Writer’s choice 25.Writer’s Choice

♠] [ profile] bandom_100
♠] Bob Bryar

001.Blue 002.Red 003.Black 004.White 005.Green
006.Grey 007.Orange 008.Khaki 009.Bronze 010.Gold
011.Silver 012.Thunder 013.Rain 014.Snow 015.Fire
016.Water 017.Air 018.Earth 019.Summer 020.Spring
021.Winter 022.Fall 023.Birthday 024.Anniversary 025.Wedding
026.Party 027.Children 028.Death 029.Hate 030.Love
031.Broken 032.Passion 033.Magic 034.Fixed 035.Family
036.Friends 037.Food 038.Drink 039.Schol 040.Work
041.Home 042.Holiday 043.Alcohol 044.Drugs 045.Doctor
046.Sick 047.Trust 048.Bed 049.Write 050.Draw
051.Lust 052.Envy 053.Humour 054.Angst 055.Pain
056.Health 057.Excited 058.Peaceful 059.Tired 060.Naughty
061.Nervous 062.Gloomy 063.Thoughtful 064.Calm 065.Romantic
066.Rainbow 067.Song 068.Music 069.Drama 070.Jealous
071.Boys 072.Girls 073.Old 074.Young 075.New
076.Meetings 077.Animals 078.Pets 079.Muppets 080.Cartoons
081.Hands 082.Eyes 083.Mouth 084.Nose 085.Ears
086.Wings 087.Horns 088.Flowers 089.Play 090.Dance
091.Professional 092.Agent 093.Headphones 094.Handicap 095.Pictures
096.Writer‘s Choice. 097.Writer‘s Choice. 098.Writer‘s Choice. 099.Writer‘s Choice. 100.Writer‘s Choice.

[ profile] 5drunkfics
Author: [ profile] zephyrina
Fandom: MCR
Claim: Bob Bryar

♠] [ profile] towelbythedoor
♠] Bob Bryar/Gerard Way

001.On the bed.
002.On the floor.
003.On a towel by the door.
004.In the tub.
005.In the car.
006.Up against the minibar.

♠] [ profile] diecisudieci
♠] Bob Bryar/Ray Toro

Dieci su Dieci
Set 1 - Snacks
Autore: [ profile] zephyrina
01. Biscotti
02. Budino
03. Cioccolato
04. Crackers
05. Frappé
06. Gelato
07. Patatine
08. Pizza
09. Popcorn
10. Torta

♠] [ profile] fanfic100_ita
♠] Bob Bryar

001.Inizio. 002.Intermezzo. 003.Fine. 004.Interiorità. 005.Esteriorità.
006.Ore. 007.Giorni. 008.Settimane. 009.Mesi. 010.Anni.
011.Rosso. 012.Arancione. 013.Giallo. 014.Verde. 015.Blu.
016.Porpora. 017.Marrone. 018.Nero. 019.Bianco. 020.Senza colori.
021.Amici. 022.Nemici. 023.Amanti. 024.Famiglia. 025.Estranei.
026.Compagni di squadra. 027.Genitori. 028.Figli. 029.Nascita. 030.Morte.
031.Alba. 032.Tramonto. 033.Troppo. 034.Troppo poco. 035.Sesto Senso.
036.Olfatto. 037.Udito. 038.Tatto. 039.Gusto. 040.Vista.
041.Forme. 042.Triangolo. 043.Diamante. 044.Cerchio. 045.Luna.
046.Stelle. 047.Cuori. 048.Quadri. 049.Fiori. 050.Picche.
051.Acqua. 052.Fuoco. 053.Terra. 054.Aria. 055.Spirito.
056.Colazione. 057.Pranzo. 058.Cena. 059.Cibo. 060.Bibite.
061.Inverno. 062.Primavera. 063.Estate. 064.Autunno. 065.Mezze stagioni.
066.Pioggia. 067.Neve. 068.Lampo. 069.Tuono. 070.Tempesta.
071.Rotto. 072.Riparato. 073.Luce. 074.Oscurità. 075.Ombra.
076.Chi? 077.Cosa? 078.Dove? 079.Quando? 080.Perché?
081.Come? 082.Se. 083.E. 084.Lui. 085.Lei.
086.Scelte. 087.Vita. 088.Scuola. 089.Lavoro. 090.Casa.
091.Compleanno. 092.Natale. 093.Ringraziamento. 094.Indipendenza. 095.Capodanno.
096.AU. 097.Scelta libera. 098.Scelta libera. 099.Scelta libera. 100.Scelta libera.

♠] [ profile] wtf27
♠] My Chemical Romance

001.Genderswap.002.Transformation (animals).003.Transformation (inanimate).
007.High School AU.008.Apocaylpse Now.009.Supernatural (creatures).
010.Supernatural (powers).011.Fantasy AU (traditional).012.Fantasy AU (urban).
013.Fuck or Die.014.Pornstars.015.Hookers.
016.You see, I woke up gay.017.Trading Places.018.Forced Union.
022.Twins/Non-Canon Siblings.023.Out Of Time.024.Slaves.
025.Media Crossover.026.Spies and Agents.027.OMG we forgot magic!

♠] [ profile] 12_rpf_stories
♠] Bob Bryar/Ray Toro

01. Winter 02. Snow 03. Cold 04. Spring
05. Rain 06. Thunder 07. Summer 08. Hot
09. Sun 10. Fall 11. Lightning 12. Wind

♠] [ profile] mcr_prompt_fics
♠] MCR

001.Uncertainty 002.Hedonism 003.August 004.Nickname 005.Dog
006.Night 007.Disease 008.Grief 009.Bath 010.Bottle
011.Babysit 012.Romance 013.Apocolypse 014.Anger 015.Chemistry
016.Cigarette 017.Webcam 018.Violence 019.Whine 020.Height
021.Trust 022.Sixth Sense 023.Guilt 024.Child 025.Shock
026.End 027.Orange 028.Lies 029.Bully 030.Suprise
031.Money 032.Darkness 033.Lost 034.Genderswap 035.Unexpected
036.Help 037.Guitar 038.Illness 039.Hair 040.The Moon
041.Enemy 042.Cemetery 043.Clouds 044.Isolation 045.Epidemic
046.Aeroplane 047.Break down 048.Storm 049.Music 050.Cyprus

001:Break up 002:Persuade 003:Friends 004:Frustration 005:Frankenstein
006:Game 007:Kidnap 008:Radio 009:Cherry 010:Glasses
011:Tantrum 012:Package 013:Plan 014:Calendar 015:Elevator
016:Ten 017:River 018:Teddy 019:Insecurity 020:Star
021:Undecided 022:Magazine 023:Smug 024:Mediocre 025:Reaction
026:Provoke 027:Force 028:Draw 029:Penguin 030:Substitute
031:Mistake 032:Nerve 033:Low 034:Judge 035:Rush
036:Direct 037:Ocean 038:Disability 039:Gamble 040:Electricity
041:Twist 042:Resentment 043:Fool proof 044:Video 045:Reservation
046:Upright 047:Misinterpret 048:Hide 049:Responsible 050:Intoxicated

♠] [ profile] 10_crackfics
♠] Bob Bryar

01.Aliens. 02.Genderswitch. 03.Species switch. 04.Supernatural. 05.AU.
06.Crazy twist. 07.Dream. 08.Kid!fic. 09.Not what you think. 10.Writers crack of choice.


[ profile] getyourwordsout 2009 goal


I have written 45,365 of 200,000 words.
I am now 22.68% done!

no frills wordmeter

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